About me

I am Nicole Algieri, the person behind Algieri Design.

What you can expect
is a work ethic forged in some of the most renowned agencies in Germany, awarded design excellence, a heavy dose of experience and a Zen mindset of a hobby boxer. 
With my long lasting experience in the field of communication design, branding and editorial design I passionately strive for the best solutions for my clients.
I offer expertise in the full range of branding design: from digital and social media to print publications. Always aiming for design excellence, I believe that strong design concepts result in successful communication.


Some of the agencies and clients I worked for are
Scholz & Friends Berlin, Jung von Matt Spree, Zum Goldenen Hirschen Berlin, Rethink everything, Think moto, ONE, Brand Union, Studio 38, BCG, Veolia, Zebra