RWE corporate redesign

The new corporate design for RWE is visualizing the change of paradigm at one of the world’s largest energy suppliers of renewable sources of energy. Establishing approachability and sustainability in RWE’s visual DNA was the major strategic goal.

The new imagery shows wide-open spaces and people in relation to nature. This more emotional approach to imagery is combined with a new friendly and modern color palette adding a mint green to RWE's stem color blue. The dynamic design element of the energy waves offer a flexible design grid that changes in each format yet remains consistent throughout all channels of communication.

The RWE logo was altered to a soft-edged, harmonious and more distinctive appearance. Also a new corporate font was developed to underscore the more modern and approachable character of RWE.
A fluid implementation of the new corporate design to all digital media and a smooth user experience was as much part of my job as defining the rules for offline communication.

RWE Corporate Redesign

AgencyScholz & Friends IdentifyClientRWEMy RoleFreelance Design Direction, Strategic Design, Web Design, Supervision Corporate Font Development Design TeamCreative direction: Olivier Nowak, Art direction: Stefan Vogtländer, Malte Preiss, motion-sound design: Jürgen Kugsperger, Christoph Henschel

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