Black Forest Still

Black Forest Still is a mineral water from a family run water company, produced in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany. The goal was to develop the brand from a local traditional brand to a modern lifestyle brand, expanding into the national market and beyond. Targeting conscious high-end consumers. The launch of the new design and packaging proved to be a story of success. The packaging and branding have remained untouched until today.

The strategic position of purity and calmness targeting conscious consumers is part of the design concept. The bottle was custom designed as if a drop is falling onto a still surface forming ripples in the water.

Besides the unique shape of the bottle, the main characteristic of the design is the silhouette of a white forest on a transparent background, contrasted by the red logo.

Black Forest Still

AgencyScholz & Friends IdentifyClientPeterstaler MineralquellenMy RoleFreelance Art Direction / Corporate DesignDesign TeamMaria Tonn, J├╝rgen Krugsperger, NeubauweltPhotographyScholz & Friends Berlin, Peterstaler, Mineralquellen GmbH, Netzbewegung

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