Lina Krokant Urban Milkware

For the Berlin based chocolate manufacturer Lina Krokant I developed a packaging system for their chocolate product range and ice cream flavors.

Besides designing the packages I was also involved in designing the exterior and interior space of the shop in Berlin Wilmersdorf, picking up the theme of packaging design using the stripes as part of the visual identity of Lina Krokant.

Product naming
Packaging chocolate bars
Packaging premium chocolate

The overall look is characterized by friendliness and playfulness. Bright colors, playful design elements, like the star, the cow and the color stripes transport this feeling of joy and pleasure. I also was involved in the naming of the different products / flavors.

Lina Krokant Urban Milkware

ClientLina KrokantMy RoleArt Direction / Package Design, Spacial Design & Product Naming

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